“Ah, the smell of books!” @ South Regional Library in The Woodlands, TX | Explore The Woodlands, Ep. 3

Explore The Woodlands, Ep. 3:

South Regional Library in The Woodlands, TX

South Regional Library in The Woodlands, TX
Yesterday I visited the South Regional Library in The Woodlands TX. It is 1 of 7 libraries in the Montgomery County Memorial Library System (MCMLS) http://countylibrary.org. With just one library membership card – “The I Card” – you gain access to all 7 branches in the System, which offer a sum total of 668,490 books, 27,289 videos, and 34,288 audio recordings along with other resources! (Numbers acquired from MCMLS brochure.)

South Regional Library is located at 2101 Lake Robbins Dr., conveniently situated across the road from Market Street and next door to the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. This library is set in the heart of The Woodlands, surrounded by shopping, restaurants, entertainment, and lovely outdoor scenery. You will find it easy to check out and return books while you are out running other errands, so don’t let “time” make you hesitate to borrow that novel you’ve been meaning to read!

David’s Journal
“Can we go to the library today?”

Boy ReadingI remember asking that question as a boy, hoping that my mother would soon reunite me with storybook heroes, distant lands, and historical tales. Walking through the front door of the library and entering a maze of bookshelves, I would immerse myself in a literary world that expanded far beyond my daily horizons and yet existed a few minutes from my home. I believe that we learn best what we enjoy most, and what better way to engage a topic than to read about it in a tale? I can attest that much of the vocabulary, history, and philosophy I know has been gleaned from the works of storytellers and wordsmiths who seldom claimed lengthy academic titles. In a good story, the shades of complexities bear the familiar colors of life.

While we now enjoy the convenience of e-books, reading literature on digital display, technology can offer no perfect alternative to the universal love and acceptance of the printed word. A book can be oft read, or set aside untended; taken on journeys, or left in dusty corners; shared with a friend, or featured on a bookshelf: and it never needs its battery charged or screen wiped! Books connect with our senses, especially our sight, touch, and smell, and the appearance of a book can prepare us to read it properly. If you pick up the Russian classic, “The Brothers Karamzov”, you will know that in your hand, weighed down by nearly 1000 pages of words, you hold a literary journey and conversation that must be given your full attention. And so a book can carry us, at every sensory level, into its stream of story, washing us out to a vast sea of imagination.

A library is a treasury of human experience that beckons us, “Discover within my walls the labors of a hundred generations.” There is an exciting thought!

South Regional Library | Books

Visit your local library soon and rediscover the joy of a good book!

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